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Authors: Glen Pfeiffer, Ryan Gibbons

We/were informed over break by the friend of a sibling that someone reads this column regularly. Upon hearing the news, surprise quickly gave way to fear as we realized that people — other than our editors, of course —- might actually be expecting something out of us now.

Initial analysis of the situation indicates that this “having expectations” thing is not in line with the ideal college lifestyle, so we were left with two choices: Either stop making the column into something people want to read, or spend all of holiday break in a large cocoon, shedding our past selves and being reinvented as a super-human species of student writer with a tough outer shell that can withstand the pressure of your eyeballs on our words.

Having chosen the cocoon, we are now ready to deliver you with tech news which you may or may not have heard over break — thank Buddha we remembered to bring a laptop into the cocoon.

Circuit City


Circuit City started shutting its doors on a nationwide scale over break. The consumer electronics chain, founded in 1949, filed for bankruptcy on Nov. 7. Its collapse has been blamed largely on the poor management by both CEO Philip J. Schoonover and store managers of the company.

So while we solemnly lower our heads in remembrance of the once giant/electronics/chain,/we/should try to contain our glee as we realize that Circuit City must liquidate its inventory to pay off its debts. While the corporate/jet has already been/auctioned off, you can still find a fair amount of goodies left at the Fort Collins store on College Avenue./

We visited the store on Monday and found DVDs/BluRay discs at 20 percent off and items like TVs and/computers for/even less. Prices will continue to drop from day to day until the last of the stores close at the projected time of sometime in mid-March.

And to those of you who may have rashly vowed to move to Canada now that Obama is in office, note that Canadian stores are remaining in business. Say hi for us, eh?

Apple Shenanigans

Apple followers are largely dismayed that on Jan. 14th, Steve Jobs took a leave of absence and won’t return until the end of June. We speculate that he intends to coincide his return with the release of the 2009 version of the iPhone.

There have been some hushed whisperings that Jobs will not return at all, but Apple is maintaining that his medical problems stem from a hormonal imbalance, and not any kind of recurrence of the pancreatic cancer that he dealt with in 2004./

On a happier Apple-related note, Macworld 2009 took place earlier this January, during which Apple announced a new software lineup./

The new iLife ’09/was the first topic of the keynote, bringing needed improvements to the iMovie video editing application, as well as some/cool changes/to GarageBand. Through the program, users can learn how to play various instruments and songs from groups like Fall Out Boy, OneRepublic/and Sara Bareilles through videos featuring the artists themselves.

Apple also stirred things up with some changes to iTunes./

First the bad news: iTunes prices will be changing. Starting/sometime in April there will be three price tiers that Apple will price their songs at – $1.29, $.99 and $.69/depending on popularity.

The good news is that, as of now,/the songs are/higher quality, matching that of the Amazon music store, and are DRM free. This means you can copy your songs on as many computers as you want, burn them to CDs/as many times as you want and put them on as many iPods as you want./

Columnists Glen Pfeiffer and Ryan Gibbons can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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