Jan 212009
Authors: Madeline Novey

Following former CSU President Larry Penley’s sudden November exit from the university, his expansive waterfront home, valued at over $1 million, is up for sale, Fort Collins real estate Web sites confirmed Wednesday.

Penley, who served as CSU’s president and chancellor since 2004, did not announce specific plans upon leaving the university but said he would like to pursue other endeavors in higher education. Neither Penley nor CSU has come forth with any answers regarding his current location or future career intentions.

Dave Dornan, the Group Inc. realtor hired to sell the home located near Boyd Lake, would not comment as to when the property went up for sale. Group Inc.’s Web site, however, indicates its availability.

CSU spokesperson Brad Bohlander said he had not heard anything of Penley’s future residence plans and did not know where he may be headed.

“I do not know what his plans are,” Bohlander said.

When asked if Penley was still living at the unsold property, Dornan said he would not comment, nor would he comment on Penley’s whereabouts.

“That is his personal business,” he said. “It’s not my place to say yes or no; (Penley) is a private citizen now. . Let’s respect his privacy.”

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