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Authors: Elyse Jarvis

Pending an ongoing personnel investigation, CSU put Dexter Yarbrough, chief of the CSU Police Department and associate vice president of the Department of Public Safety, on paid leave beginning last Friday, a university spokesperson said.

Yarbrough will remain on leave for “as long as the investigation lasts,” said Dell Rae Moellenberg, university spokesperson.

Moellenberg said she could not comment as to who is leading the investigation and said no additional details could be released at this time due to confidentiality requirements surrounding personnel issues.

“The university is following standard practices and police protocol for an investigation of a law enforcement officer,” a university statement said.

A public safety representative on-campus said the police chief was not available for comment.

Former CSU President Larry Penley promoted Yarbrough to associate vice president of the department of public safety this year. Yarbrough took on the position in addition to his role as CSU police chief.

Penley simultaneously promoted Tony Frank, then-university provost and senior vice president, to provost and senior executive vice president and John Lincoln, the now-retired CSU vice president for Public Affairs, to executive vice president.

Penley offered his own resignation Nov. 5. The announcement came in the same week the BOG learned Penley had offered Lincoln, his number two, a contracted position with the university after the board had asked Penley to “get John Lincoln out of the university,” said BOG spokesperson Michele McKinney.

Frank, now interim CSU president, took the university helm following Penley’s resignation.

CSU has since done away with Lincoln’s former position, said Brad Bohlander, head university spokesperson.

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