Yays and Nays

Dec 142008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to winter break being so close we can taste it. Hot chocolate and snowball fights — here we come!

Nay | to finals. We’ve begged, we’ve pleaded and yet we still have to take them. Professors, you’re officially on the Collegian’s naughty list.

Yay | to our newly-selected leaders of Student Media for next year. In particular, we’d like to give a shout out to our very own Editor in Chief-elect Virginia Singarayar. We know you’ll make us all proud.

Nay | to freezing cold weather. Where’s global warming when you need it?

Yay | to size 10 shoes hurled at the president. If there’s ever been a more hilarious political statement, we’d like to hear it.

Nay | to four weeks without a Collegian print edition. But don’t fret CSU, there’s always Web content.

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