Dec 092008
Authors: Jim Sojourner

Following its president’s campaign goal to further recycling efforts on campus, the CSU student government is working with the administration to order and instal 90 new recycling bins early next semester.

Taylor Smoot, president of the Associated Students of CSU, said his government is contributing almost $40,000 to the project and said CSU Chief of Staff Mark Gill agreed to contribute $20,000 more from the administration to purchase the recycling containers.

“I’m really excited the administration and us could come together on this,” Smoot said.

He said the containers will be the same design as the green trash cans that dot campus. However, the new bins will be blue rather than the current receptacles’ green and will be etched with the words “Brought to you by ASCSU” and “Please recycle.”

Smoot said he hopes to purchase more containers annually but said the initial 90 bins will be strategically placed to “hit the high frequency areas first.”

Sheela Backen, director of facilities, said recycle bins will be deployed to focus on covering the corridor from the transit center, past the Clark building, to Lake Street.

“I would like to see them next to every trash can,” Backen said.

Smoot said he is excited about the investment because the shelf life of each bin is 10 to 15 years, making student government’s $40,000 initial cost, all of which is left over from last year’s budget, less substantial.

“This isn’t a one-year investment,” Smoot said. “That’s why I went so big, and I’d go bigger if I could. When you do it, you’re green for 15 years.”

He said the first 60 bins should be placed on campus by the first month after next semester begins.

“When they get out they’ll be very visible, very cool,” Smoot said.

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