Dec 082008
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

Being so new to this whole relationship thing I was wondering if I’m still obligated to hang out with my man while on my period. Shouldn’t I get a five-day vacation every month? They always said that distance makes the heart grow fonder …

Why only go out for one or two drinks? It’s like saying you just want to kiss when you could be getting laid.

Only now, sitting in the dead silence of the library basement, have I come to realize what an inappropriately loud snack Triscuits are.

I ruined my Ugg boots by walking in the snow on campus. I ruined BOOTS by walking in SNOW. I knew I should have worn the Uggs during the summer like the rest of my fellow females . damn you, common sense and dignity.

You know something needs to change when your life consists of drinking with college in between, instead of college with drinking in between.

When your boyfriend spends more time skiing than with you, you know it’s time to get a new one.

To the girl in the student center wondering what grade a 30 out of 60 was: I think I know why you failed your test.

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