Yays and Nays

Dec 072008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to Obama’s announcement of Gen. Eric Shinseki as the first Japanese-American to be secretary of Veteran Affairs. He worked all the way up to become . a secretary. Talk about glass ceiling.

Nay | to the Rocky Mountain News being sold – another indication of the death of journalism. The future: Internet porn.

Yay | to finally having a decent snowfall. Welcome to the suck, silly California students.

Nay | to volleyball being ousted from their own regional. If we had a spare bowl game, we’d give it you.

Yay | to the Rams playing in the first ever Consolation Bowl, hosted by the Rocky Mountain News. Just kidding, good job Rams!

Nay | to the lie that is dead week. Professors who have giant assignments due the week before finals should be flogged and deported.

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