Dec 072008
Authors: kelly bleck

“The Caucasian Chalk Circle,” put on by the Division of Art and Theater, was performed Thursday through today and will be performed again this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday by 33 performing arts students with original music by graduate student Chris Nucci.

“This is a big production. We did what we could do to involve as many people as possible,” artistic director Eric Prince said. “It’s a show that was worth doing, with a political message about money and economic crisis, and the music is modern and contemporary.”

A story about a child left behind during a civil war, “Chalk” portrays the mother who adopted him and the fight that ensues between her and the child’s birth mother.

“It’s different from what I’m familiar with,” Fort Collins resident Claudia Martin said. “It’s modern. The actors did a fine job.”

The script was a mixture of on-stage dialogue and musical elements, which included lead-ins and a musical dialogue that portrayed what was happening on stage.

The music was composed by Nucci, with assistance from faculty music director Bruce Burbank.

“It’s a very clever play and I really, really liked the singer. He was amazing,” said Michelle Jones, a sophomore English major. “There were a lot of beginning theater students in the play, I think eight of them.”

The play kept the audience laughing during one scene, and gasping during the next, with the 33 students filling 70 roles.

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