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Authors: Elyse Jarvis

Still deliberating on its potential decision to split the roles of CSU-Fort Collins president and chancellor of the CSU System, the Board of Governors will come to a final resolution regarding the position on Dec. 16, a BOG spokesperson said Wednesday.

BOG spokesperson Michele McKinney said the board will discuss the desired qualifications and responsibilities of a potential chancellor and will also decide how it will hear the opinions of CSU stakeholders, including students, faculty and staff on that date.

At the board’s Wednesday morning meeting, chair Doug Jones said the decision process still has a long way to go but that in the meantime, the BOG has full confidence in Interim President Tony Frank.

After drafting proposed duties of the possible chancellor position, the board “needs to decide how (it) will get (that information) out to the community to make sure that we can gain input from the community,” McKinney said.

Frank said the board will bring in Steven Porch, former chancellor of the University of Wisconsin and the University of Georgia systems, to discuss the pros and cons of various system leadership configurations later this month.

“Higher (education) systems across the country have taken a variety of approaches to this issue and I’m sure the Board will consider all of them before making a decision,” Frank said in an e-mail interview.

Citing the fact that he has “only been in (one) part of the former Chancellor/President position for a few weeks,” Frank said he could not comment on whether the split would be beneficial for the system.

McKinney said the formation of a search committee for the CSU-Fort Collins president and, potentially, a CSU System chancellor is “down the road a bit.”

While she said she did not know who will be involved in the search process, McKinney said the board will seek student input in at least deciding the duties of the chancellor, should it decide to create the position.

The board is considering splitting the roles for the first time in decades, as the CSU-Fort Collins president, including former CSU President Larry Penley, who suddenly resigned Nov. 5, has typically played both roles.

The CSU System — which includes CSU-Fort Collins, CSU-Pueblo and CSU Global — may benefit from having a chancellor stationed in Denver to represent student needs to the state legislature, McKinney said.

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