Dec 022008
Authors: Jim Sojourner

A vehicle sliding on treacherously slick pavement struck a student crossing the street at the intersection of Laurel and Sherwood Wednesday afternoon.

Mike Schofield, a Senior Health and Exercise Science major who witnessed the accident, said a line of traffic had stopped in the east-bound left lane of Laurel Street as the woman began to cross Laurel heading north.

Attempting to circumvent the congestion, the white Saturn that struck the woman moved to the right lane and slammed on its breaks upon seeing the pedestrian, but was unable to stop due the icy conditions.

The car struck the woman with the right front bumper, Schofield said, leaving her unconscious for “two or three minutes” before emergency personnel arrived.

Dell Rae Moellenburg, spokesperson for CSU, said the student has been transported to Poudre Valley Hospital, but the extent of her injuries is currently unknown.

The driver of the Saturn, who declined to give his name, remained stoic despite the four police cars and ambulance, all with bright blue lights flashing, at the scene, and said the girl must not have seen him as she began to cross.

“I tried to brake and I couldn’t stop,” he said, “It was too slippery.”

When asked how he felt, the man motioned toward the ambulance and said he was “very, very cold and I hope she’s ok.”

A girl who stopped at the scene to enquire about the ambulance said the traffic is normally dangerous enough without the hazardous conditions.

“I walk through here every day. It’s no wonder someone got hit.”

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