Nov 192008
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The wind ensemble and symphonic band will perform tonight with special guest Barrick Stees from the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, as well as composer Steven Bryant.

“Barrick was invited to attend and perform, and the composer of one of their main pieces will be there,” said Jennifer Clary, director of marketing and publicity for the School of the Arts. “Barrick will be playing (tonight) and also doing master classes Friday.”

The symphonic band and wind ensemble typically perform two to three combined concerts per semester.

“This concert is a student concerto, which features a solo instrument, and it happens to be the bassoon with Barrick Stees,” graduate student and student conductor Daniel Lee said. “I think it’s a fantastic opportunity because bassoon and oboe, the double-reed instruments, don’t have a lot of professional players out there. To get one to come here is fantastic.”

“First Suite in E-flat” in the main concert piece and was the inspiration for Bryant’s composition, “Suite Dreams.”

“[Bryant] took Gustav Holsta’s “First Suit in E-flat” and did a dreamlike fantasia on it, from deep out of his subconscious,” said Steven Moore, director of bands. “Having the composer here to tell the students of the process and the insight is incredibly engaging.”

Every year, the theme of the master classes focus on either the oboe or the bassoon. The master classes tomorrow are part of an annual program called Bassoon-a-RAMa and Oboe-RAMa which will include reed making classes, a bassoon band and a recital.

“The program is geared toward high school and college bassoon players,” Lee said. “It gives them chances to play actual concerts. And we emphasize the RAM for the Colorado State Rams .”

The master class registration is $20, and the class is available to the public. The concert is scheduled at 7:30 p.m. in the Griffin Concert Hall at the University Center for the Arts. Tickets are available at the campus box office or online at They are $5 for CSU students and $10 for the public.

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