Nov 182008

Although midterms have passed and ski season has commenced, it’s hard not to notice the lingering summer in Fort Collins.

The flipping and flopping of sandals on the Plaza has not yet faded, and bare arms are clinging to their last bit of summer tan.

Colorado has odd weather patterns, but the multiple 70-degree days might be a bit much.

Yesterday, there were two feet of snow at some places in New York, yet Fort Collins has yet to see a centimeter.

How are we supposed to get in the mood for skiing and holiday hot chocolate when we haven’t even brought our hoodies out of the closet yet?

And with comments from teachers and students floating around campus, the June-like temperatures may just be the most talked about issue these past few days.

While everyone likes the Colorado sunshine, we all know we should be cutting class to stay out of the snow this time of year.

Maybe at this point it’s better to hold off from hoping for snow until we have all made it home safely to feast over break. Then we can hope for snow.

Hey, since the weather gods have deprived us for so long, maybe they’ll dump it all at once and finals will be cancelled.

Or maybe we’ll all be wearing shorts and T-shirts to finals.

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