Nov 182008
Authors: Jim Sojourner

Following two tumultuous weeks in the university administration after former President Larry Penley resigned this month, the CSU System Board of Governors announced Tuesday that it had named employment law attorney Mike Nosler head of its General Counsel.

In this position, Nosler, a CSU alumnus, will head the legal team responsible for advising the CSU System, which includes the new CSU Global Campus.

Nosler will also provide counsel on matters concerning the BOG, university law, state and federal law, CSU spokesperson Michele McKinney said.

Until his employment becomes effective on December 1, Nosler will continue to work for his current firm, Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons LLP, where he has spent over 30 years specializing in employment law.

“His experience in employment law and other areas parleys well with matters of the university,” McKinney said.

Nosler will fill the position that former General Counsel Loretta Martinez left in May.

The university offered no reason for Martinez having left CSU, and Martinez was not available for comment. She signed a separation agreement that afforded her nearly $107,000, or six months pay after she left, and required that she not discuss specifics of her departure.

McKinney said the position opening was posted at the national level in May and that the selection committee first met on Oct. 1.

“At this level of legal counsel, it does take some time to find the right person,” McKinney said. “It’s a different environment than working at a firm.”

Though Nosler has no prior experience working at the university level, in a statement released on Tuesday, BOG chair Douglas Jones expressed his confidence in Nosler’s decades-long experience.

“The university is very fortunate to have such an accomplished lawyer oversee the CSU System’s legal affairs,” Jones said. “Mike brings extensive court and jury trial experience and an exceptional knowledge of law in matters that translate well to issues confronting public universities.”

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