Nov 172008
Authors: Kelley Bruce Robinson

The City of Fort Collins Bicycle Advisory Committee aims tonight to raise the city from its current gold status as a bike-friendly community to platinum, as awarded by the League of American Bicyclists.

The committee, formed in response to the 2008 Bike Plan adopted by City Council, will establish a plan to make the Fort Collins community more cyclist-friendly and increase bike safety and education. Committee members will meet at Lee’s Cyclery, located at 931 E. Harmony Road, at 6 p.m. to gather feed back from the public.

“We are taking different boards and commissions in the Fort Collins community, like CSU, and bringing them together to talk about bicycling issues,” said Dave “DK” Kemp, the committee coordinator. “Our first public meeting is an informational meeting where a cross-pollination of ideas about cycling in Fort Collins will be addressed.”

The committee consists of 15 different organizations including: the City Boards and Commissions, CSU, the Downtown Development Authority, UniverCity Connections and Poudre School District. Kemp added that there is a bike education seminar geared heavily toward students, so they can learn to bike respectfully and obey Colorado bike laws.

“We are trying to get more cyclists out there in Fort Collins,” Kemp said. “We want to convert people to use bikes as their primary form of transportation. We will also be working to increase bike parking around the city and educate the community about how to bike respectfully.”

The need for increased bike safety was highlighted after the summer death of CSU faculty member Rebecca Allen, who was killed while riding her bike.

“Rebecca Allen’s death was a tragic event,” Kemp said. “Can those kinds of events be prevented? We hope. The committee will continually work on outreach programs teaching motorists how to safely share the roads with cyclists.”

Kemp said there were two slots on the committee open to the public, and those interested should attend the meeting. Fort Collins residents and CSU students are encouraged to attend.

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