Nov 162008
Authors: Melissa Panagakos

Currently the Associated Students of CSU president sits in all of the CSU System Board of the Governors meetings, hearing major decisions being made about the university.

However, the ASCSU president legally has to keep many of the topics discussed in the meetings completely confidential — he cannot even discuss these issues with his vice-president. And though he or she does attend these meetings, the ASCSU president does not get a vote on any of the issues discussed.

Though the student government is grateful to have a student presence within the BOG, we believe that as the majority shareholder in the university’s new revenue, we deserve to not only have a presence but also a voice.

Currently there is a resolution in the university issues committee within ASCSU that calls for the addition of two student votes to the BOG — one for the Fort Collins campus and one on behalf of CSU-Pueblo students.

This resolution expresses the need for students to have a voice at every level of their education. It is the fundamental goal of ASCSU to give students a voice, from the student voice surveys taken regarding the services provided on campus outside of academics, to fighting for cheaper textbooks for students, to course evaluations taken at the end of each semester and finally, in expressing the students’ opinion to not only the CSU administration but also the state legislature.

With this basic goal in mind, as well as the continued struggle to improve the quality of education and experience at CSU, ASCSU calls for a student representative to have voting rights at the highest level of the CSU decision making process.

Once the resolution becomes finalized within the committee, it will be sent back to the ASCSU senate body, where it will go through its final vote.

If the resolution passes, it will then be taken to a variety of areas to express the student voice, including the BOG, the Colorado state legislature, various faculty members and administrative boards within the university.

This is probably one of the most important pieces of legislation that has been written in ASCSU this fall, and we are asking for students’ complete support for this resolution to not only pass within ASCSU but to be heard at all administrative levels.

At this point in the process, we are looking for as much support as we can find for the resolution.

Currently there is a section on the resolution specifically for endorsements by student organizations. This is your opportunity to publicly express your support for this resolution.

If you are a member of any student group on campus, we ask that you go to your organization and talk to them about becoming a part of a resolution that will be a historical shift in the way students are heard at CSU.

If your organization does decide to support this, all they have to do is e-mail a short statement expressing their support to and ASCSU will add the organization to the “endorsed by” list.

Again, ASCSU is trying to increase the volume of the student voice, so please help us in giving this resolution the power and momentum it needs to be heard.

Melissa Panagakos is a junior animal sciences major and a senator for ASCSU. ASCSU writes a column that appears occasionally in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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