Ram Talk

Nov 162008
Authors: Compiled Nina Bietz

Anyone else find it ironic that the same people who said Bush deserved respect simply because he was the president now support crude Obama jokes?

Is it bad that I get more pleasure from my boyfriend’s motorcylce than I do him?

To the columnist attacking engineers: The ones you are after are the ones you depend on. We build your buildings, clean your water, pave your roads. We protect your life. Do not f with us.

So which is worse, political attack commercials or Christmas commercials a month and a half early?

Pray for snow.

Does anyone else find it awkward when you see people you stalk on the internet out in the real world and they have no idea who you are?

I have been meaing to get on eHarmony, but I am too lazy. Any girls out there interested?

Is it a bad sign that I’m a speech communication major and I still have to kill a flask before speeches?

From a guy who’s still that boyfriend since high school: You must not understand how buffets work. It’s an overabundance of low quality product for minimal, if any, fulfillment.

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