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Authors: Jessica Cline

A group of thirty CSU students each donated 6 inches of hair to the Locks of Love hair drive Thursday, with so many additional students wanting to participate that Tuana hair salon will continue offering discounts to those who donate in the weeks to come.

This marked the third year that this drive has been held by the Panhellenic Council, a group that encompasses several Greek organizations on campus. This year’s drive was one of its most successful, sponsors said.

All 30 slots that Tuana and the Panhellenic council had set aside for the event were filled early.

“Before this year, we had held this event in the Lory Student Center, and the girls donating hair only received dry cuts,” said Kelly Christofferson, Panhellenic Council vice-president of community service.

This year, she said, all girls donating hair will receive free washes, cuts and styles.

Kazim Tercan, a Tuana employee who is heavily involved with Locks of Love, and other stylists donated their time and talents to help make the event bigger and better than participants said it has been before.

“I have been helping out Locks of Love for years, and we wanted to help to give back to the community,” said Kazim Tercan, Tuana creative art director. “It is a good cause, and we will help out in anything that’s a good cause.”

The Tuana stylists said they tried to make the event enjoyable for students by getting excited about their new looks with them.

Some of those participating had donated hair in the past, and many said that they would think about doing so again.

“I’ve always wanted to do this, but my parents had never let me before,” sophomore Stephanie DiRocco said. “It will be a big change, but I will get used to it. I think it is a really good cause that we’re doing it for.”

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