Letter to the editor

Nov 122008

Dear editor,

My name is Michael A. Marr. I am a 22 y/o transfer student/with Cerebral Palsy.

While I do applaud the attempt to create awareness to the disabled population on campus, I found Wednesday’s article writing style/to be a little misrepresentative of people with disabilities, and furthermore, cerebral palsy.

First and foremost CP is not a “disease,” but rather an injury that either occurs at/birth, during the formative years or due to/an accident.

While I admire the optimism in the article, I find that the style in which the article is written can lead to a pity party for those who do not understand what the struggle is all about.

It is my opinion that these stereotypes feed off of words like “confined” or “despite of.”/These stereotypes will only diminish when disabilities/are seen as another flaw, just/like we all have, but/only slightly more visible. Thank You.

Michael Marr

Sophomore, applied

computing technology

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