Ram Talk

Nov 092008
Authors: Compiled Nina Bietz

From my perspective, it seems like the Penley resignation is just like a breakup between two lovers. Yeah Penley, fine. The sex wasn’t that good anyway.

Maybe I could finish sudoku everyday if I wasn’t so bothered by class.

Isn’t it strange how all the comp class assignments are about going green, but they require you to waste tons of paper by printing out the assignments and readings so that they can see you have them in class?

Why would you want to be hung like Chuck Norris when you can be hung like Cam the Ram?

Isn’t it incredible that ex-President Penley’s resignation salary alone could pay for 24 YEARS of my tuition, room, and board? Besides…I want $400 grand to quit MY job.

I want a drink, a man, or a massage – or a drunken massage by a man.

For everyeone wondering why Penley resigned: after the election he realized he will make more money by not working.

To everyone who was shocked the other week about the helen keller joke… don’t worry, she didn’t see it coming.

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