Nov 062008
Authors: Kayla Huddleston

Two videos detailing how to respond to an active shooter on campus or in the workplace were made available for viewing by the CSU Police Department, who had previously held back the distribution of the videos via campus TV.

After discussions with the Emergency Management Team and conducting research into how other universities have distributed the videos, “Shots Fired on Campus: When Lightening Strikes (Student Edition)” and “Shots Fired: When Lightening Strikes” have been released for viewing by the CSU community.

“The videos were discussed during EMT meetings to determine the best way to release them,” Dexter Yarbrough, Associate Vice President for Public Safety and Chief of Police said. “Research was done to ascertain how other universities have shown the video and the EMT decided the best way would be to offer students, faculty and staff an option to view it in a controlled environment with professionals on hand to answer any questions and address any concerns.”

Moellenberg said small groups can setup private viewings of the video with officers and counseling staff on hand to answer any questions that may arise.

Housing and Dining Services have set up viewings for Corbett and Parmelee Hall residence assistants and support staff members. The Core Safety Committee, Director’s Staff and Residence Life members have already viewed the videos.

“Immediately after showing the video, things get pretty quiet in the room as the possibility of an active shooter incident becomes more ‘real’,” Guy Arnesen, associate director of Housing and Dining Services said. “[But] there’s lots of good discussion and we have good feedback that the video is well done and gives very important information for personal safety and surviving an active shooter incident.”

In an effort to reach the entire CSU population, officials decided to post the video online for anyone to view with a university-issued electronic identification, or EID.

“The ‘Shots Fired’ videos are designed to give students, faculty and staff a guide to survive an active shooter situation,” Yarbrough said.

In addition to the videos, notes and a student guide are also posted online to reiterate main points and emphasize the importance of a survival mentality.

“The bottom line is you need to take direct responsibility for your personal safety and security,” according to the Shots Fired on Campus Choose to Survive student guide. “The first step toward this goal is to develop a survival mindset (awareness, preparation and rehearsal). A survival mindset enables you to act quickly and effectively.”

“I think it’s a good idea to be informed about what to do in a [shooter] situation,” Josh Johnson, a sophomore landscape architecture major, said. “It might scare some people, but we need to be educated on it.”

The videos were purchased from the Center for Personal Protection and Safety to provide viewers with the instructions they need in the event of a shooter on campus or in an office.

The videos can be viewed online at Groups interested in scheduling a viewing of the video with support from CSUPD and the University Counseling Center can call (970) 491-1159.

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