Nov 062008
Authors: Justin Warren

After a thrilling win over Adams State last Friday night, the Rams are looking for another win in their final exhibition game against the Colorado Christian Cougars tonight at Moby Arena.

Last week was a learning experience for the Rams with the debut of new head coach Kristen Holt and her newly designed CSU basketball team.

The Rams were troubled with turnovers last week, committing a total of 23, which could have been attributed first game jitters.

“I think of the 18 or so of our first half turnovers, five of them were travel violations committed by two people, and we want to make sure that doesn’t happen again,” said coach Holt.

This week in practice the Rams focused most of their attention on their defensive play after giving up 36 points in the second half and appearing a bit sluggish in the final minutes of play.

“We focused a lot on defense and defense transition since we gave up a lot of layups,” said coach Holt.

“We also worked on conditioning because we have to have players that play in a four minute run without a substitute.”

Holt also witnessed her team playing a different offense and defense than she has been coaching in practice.

“We played conservative on defense and frantically on offense,” she said.

“We need to change that and play conservative on offense and more aggressive on defense.”

In the first game the Rams fans saw all 13 players receive playing time, which is something coach Holt is dong in order to see which player can come off the bench and step it up for the team.

Bonnie Barbee was able to do the job as she came off the bench to score 17 points and helped assist her team in the final comeback with two three-pointers in the final two minutes.

For tonight’s game the Rams are hoping for a better performance all around and a win over the Cougars before they open the regular season with Wichita State on Nov. 15.

Tip off is scheduled for at 7 p.m. at Moby Arena.

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