Letter to the editor

Nov 062008
Authors: Pedro Lopez graduate student watershed science

When I read about the Penley resignation I can only come to one conclusion: good riddance to bad rubbish.

Penley wanted to take a CEO approach to running CSU, but when I hear about CEOs running companies into the ground and then bailing out with golden parachutes, this convinces me this is the wrong approach.

Penley’s increases in VPs and the administrative budget looks to me like nothing more than empire building at the expense of the rest of the university.

A public university is not a business or a product, but rather a service. It should serve the student, academic, local, state, national and global communities. And I want to be treated as an individual, not as a consumer.

But if the university insists on a business approach here is a hint from business 101: don’t price yourself out of your market. All the fee increases students are being forced to pay are nothing more than tuition increases coming in through the back door. Sooner or later prospective students will look elsewhere.

All the marketing and advertising window dressing the previous CSU administration has done cannot hide the fact that the university is slowly losing its way. I hope the next administration can turn it around.

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