Nov 042008
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

To the guy talking about drunk kindergarteners: I dont know where you come from, but I didn’t start drinking ’till 3rd grade.

Somehow I forgot to vote yesterday. Maybe if there had been some sort of sign, or someone on campus reminding me, or someone from New Jersey calling my cell phone all day.

McCain still won the battle for coolest nickname. Tom Cruise would be proud.

It’s too bad the Republicans that voted more than once on the Collegian pole yesterday couldn’t do it in real life.McCain may have actually won that way.

At 8:49pm CNN Election coverage started interviewing people in hologram form!! It is so much cooler than the Fox results!

To all the McCain supporters who booed Obama as the new president, you are the 5 percent of Americans that will see a tax increase under his new plan.

Political commercials are finally over! Bring on the tampon and erectile dysfunction ads!


What happens when Democrats run out of money? Do they find jobs?

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