Nov 032008
Authors: Jim Sojourner

A tangible excitement can be felt in the air of the Larimer County Republicans election watch party tonight at the Fort Collins Senior Center.

Nearly 50 Fort Collins residents and Republicans gathered at the senior center, adorned with posters of Republican candidates like Sarah Palin, John McCain and Bob Schaffer.

The group was still in the process of setting up their party at 7:30 p.m., displaying two televisions with election coverage and a projector screen connected to Web sites updating the latest polls.

Members of the College Republicans have not yet entered the party thirty minutes after the polls closed, but were expected to arrive momentarily.

Many of the partygoers took jabs at the Democratic presidential, jeering at Barack Obama’s national origin.

Dave Cook of Loveland accused Obama of being born in Kenya and not being natural born citizen. He said that the Senator from Illinois had yet to prove he is from the U.S.

As the poll results spilled in, the mood of the nearly 100 in the room became more and more downtrodden.

Kevin Lundberg, Republican State Rep. spoke to the crowd, trying to encourage despite a bleak outlook.

“It’s a disappointing night for many of us, yet the issue haven’t gone away. I assure you the Republican principles of good government haven’t gone away.” Lundberg

“I’m just hoping for a miracle,” Carol Kirkstadt, Loveland resident and Republican. “I’m just hoping the polls are really not indicitive of what’s really going to come out.”

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