Ram Talk

Nov 022008
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

Has anyone checked on Bush lately? Who’s turn is it to watch him? You never know what kind of mischief he’s gonna get into when you’re not lookin’.

Things You Should Never Do While Longboarding (#6): Assume that the group of people taking over the entire sidewalk in front of you will have the decency to move aside when they see you coming.

This football season has been a year of almosts so far: They almost beat TCU, they almost beat BYU and i’m almost starting to care.

To the girl in the AV last night fooling around with that guy, you might want to add subtly to your vocab list.

You know you have your priorities straight when you schedule your classes around skiing, not the other way around.

I like how the Democratic party has to hand out little cards telling people how to vote on the amendments. That is really fostering responsibility.

To the grammatically correct PIKE, if your only rebuttal to my remark is THAN not THEN . you know I’m hitting the nail on the head about your system. On the other hand, thanks for inviting me to rush, but as a middle-income individual I just can’t afford an extra $500-1,200 dollars a semester to have friends.

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