Nov 022008

The last eight years have been devastating for our country.

Under the stewardship of current President George W. Bush, we have seen two wars, a major economic recession almost on par with the Great Depression and a significant decline in our reputation abroad. And if we continue down this path, things could get worse.

Thankfully, an opportunity to restore what we have lost under the current administration is just around the corner, and it has come to us in the form of a junior senator from Illinois with a self-described “funny name.”

The Collegian editorial board feels that Barack Obama has both the charisma and the vision to carry our nation to a brighter future.

In our generation, no presidential nominee has been able to capture the excitement and hope that Sen. Obama has over the course of his long campaign.

This, combined with his no-nonsense approach to the problem facing the U.S. –including tax cuts for the middle class, expansion of health care rights and, most importantly to college students, a commitment to helping students pay for college — makes him a far more attractive candidate than his opponent.

Unfortunately for Sen. John McCain, the “straight talk express” platform just doesn’t resonate the same way with voters.

We need a new kind of politician, and while McCain is by no means George Bush, he’s not the leader we need.

So when you hit the polls Tuesday, make the right decision. Vote for change; vote Barack Obama.

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