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Authors: Alison Kent

Tim Maddocks didn’t know what he was doing when, directly out of college, he started what would be the Fort Collins community’s most bohemian publication.

This month, Maddocks and his assistant editor, Madeleine Smith, published the first issue of their literary magazine, “The Rabbit,” which features writers who focus on local social and political issues affecting the Fort Collins community.

Maddocks and Smith originally proposed the idea to a group ofdrunk young people after they had too much wine one night, as is outlined in the editor’s note in the first issue.

“We are trying to reach all areas of interest . and we want to spread local art and poetry all across the Front Range,” Smith said.

Last spring, when young journalists Maddocks and Smith had a writing class together, they came up with the idea for the magazine with their other colleagues and continued to meet after the class ended.

“There are a lot of students who are good at art and writing, and this magazine was a way for them to publish their works,” Maddocks said.

They found ways to use CSU technology to market and produce their product, along with financial contributions from the Bohemian Foundation.

Apart from learning complicated design software programs and long hours in working toward the project in the CSU Library, Smith and Maddocks already had an upper hand in the writing and editorial process because of their past experiences.

“Sometimes it’s hard for a liberal arts major to find work in their field and apply the skills they learned,” said Maddocks, who formerly wrote for the Collegian. He said the idea stemmed from the need to create a source for local Fort Collins writers and artists to submit ideas that may not be heard otherwise.

The Rabbit is available at businesses and coffee shops around Fort Collins, and the editors plan on purchasing a bin for the magazine in the Lory Student Center.

The Bohemian Foundation provides most of the funding for the magazine and has left endorsements for future issues.

Smith and Maddocks accept donations towards The Rabbit and plan on creating a Web site for the magazine in the near future.

They are open to submissions and new ideas and can be reached at

Staff writer Alison Kent can be reached at

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