Oct 302008
Authors: Transcribed Nick Hubel

This week, Nick Sebesta, Johnny Hart, Connor Glass and Mike Donovan break down the CSU-BYU game as only the Ramblers can. Check out the Ramblers on Tuesdays on 90.5 KCSU.

NS: BYU everybody! My question to you guys is, BYU is coming to Fort Collins, the Rams have a little bit of momentum with that win over SDSU, and can put a little credit towards that they gave TCU a run for their money and could have won. I’m not saying should have won, but could have.

MD: It was winnable. They belonged on the same field as TCU.

NS: Yeah. Now with BYU coming in 17th ranked, what are your guys’ chances for Colorado State?

MD: I think it’s possible. We really do have that home field advantage. And when I say that, I don’t mean the crowd. But CSU does protect Hughes pretty well under Fairchild.

CG: I think it’s going to be a good game. If CSU doesn’t have a chance to beat BYU now, especially after the loss to TCU where they got destroyed and then the next week playing UNLV and almost losing that game, just winning it by a touchdown at home. This is a team that’s struggling a little bit and maybe not deserving of that top 25 ranking that everybody thinks they are.

JH: I think also CSU, they play up to their competition a lot. That shows in the SDSU game last week and TCU a couple of weeks before that. They have the ability to play good football and it just depends on which way it goes against BYU.

NS: It’s going to be interesting. If you had looked at this game and not seen BYU lose to TCU and not seen the stumble against UNLV and then looked at CSU as quote-end-quote rebuilding year this year, it would look like it would be a 70-7 New Mexico over SDSU. With the power that BYU had going into this season and that they showed, and then CSU on paper.

MD: It would still be a big upset, let’s not downplay it.

NS: Oh yeah. You’re right.

MD: We’re double-digit dogs at home. Again, we’re not saying gamble, we’re just using this as a barometer. If you’re a double-digit dog at home you’re not meant to win. Maybe 10 out of 100 you’re going to win.

NS: But you see what I’m getting at? In the mind.

MD: Yeah, for CSU players, they believe they can win this game. Which it wasn’t last year or two years ago when BYU came here, when they had nothing to play for. Gartrell and those seniors want to go to a bowl game. That’s all they want to do. And this is the make or break game I think.

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