Oct 302008
Authors: Compiled Nina Bietz

I read a headline on AOL that said, “Long Wait is Finally Over, Phillies End 28 Year Drought.” Long wait is finally over? If that wait is long then what adjective can I use to describe the Cubs?

I find it interesting that the Republicans make a point that they are not turning out in record numbers for McCain because they have jobs, yet, somehow, they have found time to submit something to RamTalk every day! Clearly it’s not that demanding of a job. And I have to wonder … what job requires that you dress up in squirrel costumes?

Props to the guy toking up in the Plaza between classes Wednesday morning. I hope your day got better from there.

To the person who wrote racist remarks about Obama on the free speech board: Doesn’t life get boring in black and white?

To the CSU parking cops … Does the giant dent in my door and the bungee cord holding my bumper on make it look like I can afford three tickets in a week?

For whoever orders toilet paper for CSU, say it with me. Two. Ply.

Being a PIKE and therefore a Greek as well, I feel the need to rebut the two RamTalks bashing me. To the first PIKE comment, boo. To the second comment, it’s THAN not THEN. Maybe you should look into spring rush…

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