Oct 282008

… Actually freshmen, when life hands you lemons make lemonade, then find someone whose life hands them vodka, and throw a party!

Is it sad that I’ve been in RamTalk more times than I’ve been laid this year?

Oh, yes Academic Village students, please tell us about how smart you are and how you work so hard for a living. You whiney nerds have never worked a day in your life and you owe your parents everything for putting you in that hall.

Women are like roses: They’re beautiful, they’re delicate and they smell good. However, they also have thorns, and they will make you bleed.

Does anyone know how much a footlong at Subway costs?

Why don’t the Student FYI e-mails send useful information like Zach Braff or Kevin Costner coming? That is actually something I care about.

It’s funny how the Collegian gives us expired chiropractor coupons.

To all the ladies against No Shave November: Don’t make us carry through with Moustache March.

Thanks for the expired chiropractor coupon Collegian … my back feels great.

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