Ram Talk

Oct 262008

We should invite Obama to come to one of our CSU home football games, that way we could fill up Hughes Stadium.

Two girls, one blonde and one brunette, see a guy with dandruff. The brunette says, “We should give him some Head and Shoulders.” The blonde says, “How do we give shoulders?”

Hey, only one more week ’till no shave November, it’s time to get excited! I have been training all year for this!

Maybe if John McCain wasn’t spending $150,000 on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe, HE could have thrown his daughter a birthday party.

Does anyone else find it sadistically pleasing that they run the Food Channel on the TVs right in front of the treadmills in the Rec Center? Insult to injury has never been so funny.

RamRide’s new record: At least one vomit every weekend (including Thursdays) four weeks in a row. Way to go, CSU!

Did you know that they are on NOW CD number 70…? I wonder when the “Saw” movies will get there …

So it doesn’t make sense that the Academic Village has so many McCain signs in the windows. You’d think everyone there would be smart enough to realize who the right candidate is.

Getting your period in college is like Christmas morning.

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