Don’t take it for granted

Oct 262008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Get off your butts. Stop whining. Do something about it. Vote. Debate the issues. Protest. Protest a protest.

CSU students, long understood to be the complacent bunch –north of that hippie school in Boulder, may begin to hear those words less and less.

About 50,000 students and community members enthusiastically packed the Oval Sunday to attend presidential candidate Barack Obama’s stump speech. With only a week until Election Day, he chose us – quite unprecedented with context to Fort Collins and CSU. And students didn’t disappoint.

Hordes of people formed a line that stretched and meandered across campus throughout the day.

A few crazed political fans even camped out on campus as early as 4 a.m.

It’s the first time a presidential candidate has stumped at CSU since Ronald Reagan, and it represents a significant shift in voter sentiment, participation and Colorado’s role in the election.

Regardless of political affiliation, it’s refreshing and inspiring to see young people interested in this history-making presidential election. Undeniably, most of that support is rallied behind Obama. CSU is no exception, but a few McCain folks, armed with megaphones and indictments of the political left showed, too. Maybe they can convince the maverick to check us out.

Rams, we have a chance to challenge the status quo like never before. This is the most important election in decades, and our nation’s direction hangs in the balance. It’s our decision, and for many of us, it’s our first presidential election. Don’t take it for granted.

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