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Authors: Kelley Bruce Robinson

Brad Scott and Nate Watkins stood, eyes fixed on the electronic light emanating from the LCD screen on their high definition camcorder in the back dining room of Woody’s Pizza.

Restaurant customers sitting nearby kept quiet, tentatively watching the production before them. Apparently confused at how two, young, college-aged men were conducting such a professional affair; the customers continued to sit in a curious silence while waiting to be served.

They were filming an interview with graduate student Chelsea Defoort for a documentary about the Global, Social, and Sustainability Enterprise Program to recruit people to CSU’s business program. Yet it wasn’t for a class project. Defoort is a client for their professional video production company, Definite Productions, which they juggle with classes.

“Not everybody understands how we balance college life with a professional company,” Watkins said. “We schedule days off from classes, like Tuesdays and Thursdays to balance our work. The video production and editing is all done on our own time. It works out pretty well.”

Scott, the creative director of the company, and Watkins, the marketing director, met two months before starting the company on their own in November.

Scott transferred to CSU for the construction management program after working on video production in Baltimore, Md. Watkins uses his business major education to help with the financial side of the company.

Together, with a small loan to get their idea off the ground, they purchased all the equipment needed for video production and leased a small office in Old Town Square. “It feels great being entrepreneurs,” Scott said. “This is always something Nate and I have wanted to do and this is getting us in the right direction. We’ve got a very big vision for our future, but there is still a lot to be done.”

The company offers a broad range of services, from wedding mementos to corporate event coverage, and has already created films for big name clients like Hensel-Phelps Construction Co., Atnas Preparedness Group, Enclose Corps. and local rock band Vices | Admire.

“The GSSE documentary we are working on is also very creative,” Watkins said. “We’re working for Chelsea DeFoort to put together a full documentary on a trip she and a [GSSE] team took to Ethiopia and Bangladesh to research small engines for farmers in the developing world. We are incorporating a series of interviews into her raw footage.”

DeFoort will present her documentary internally at CSU’s Business school, and Watkins expressed the film has potential to break into the commercial market. She has worked with Definite Productions in the past on coverage for a New Belgium event last winter and only has praise for the young entrepreneurs. “It’s great to work with them,” she said Tuesday, on the set of her documentary at Woody’s Pizza. “I’m really impressed with their professionalism. They have inspired me by their great work and great headway as college students. They are actually doing what I am constantly learning about.”

Since January, all of Definite Productions’ business operations have been financed solely through profits earned. It is Watkins’ job to find new clients and sales for the company, while Scott oversees the assembly, lights, camera, editing and output of the products.

“I am mainly the producer, but the lines of our job descriptions are very blurred,” Scott said. “We’re trying to help each other cross more into both territories, and it’s good because we can help each other out with the workloads so neither of us is doing more work than the other. What it comes down to is that we are just a team that is working together.”

Staff Writer Kelley Bruce Robinson can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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