Oct 212008
Authors: Brian Lancaster

Ladies and gentlemen, I absolutely hate voting season. It brings out the complete worst in everyone.

For example, the other day I was passing the time as I usually do (browsing Facebook and cracked.com, simultaneously) and I received two group invitations from the same person. This person, who shall be called ‘Pat’ through this column, decided to invite me to two separate groups that advocated legislation that would legalize marijuana.

I know Pat through a retail store that we both used to work at, but I feel that I can safely say that Pat does not honestly care about the legislation that legalizes marijuana.

Pat would simply rather not blow the smoke through cardboard tubes filled with fabric sheets anymore, and if the herb was legal, Pat wouldn’t have to anymore.

It’d be a safe bet to assume that a great majority of the advocates of marijuana legalization are simply those who want to legally smoke pot whenever they want to, rather than people who actually care about the issues behind legalizing Mary Jane.

But that’s just one example of voting season annoying me. When I was younger, I would’ve assumed that voting season would annoy me because of politicians.

It would’ve made sense. But, with the exception of Marilyn Musgrave, I am not terribly offended by the actions of most politicians.

The most annoying culprits of my voting season are – big surprise – college students.

There are many ways to classify the different types of annoyance that take form in college students, and I could write column upon column of ways that people annoy me every day, but honestly, when huge numbers of normal college students become politically active almost overnight and start rallying for their favorite politician, I begin to feel like some roundhouse kicks are in order.

First of all, politically active college kids mean more annoying crap is going to be thrown my way every day.

This propaganda can range from the aforementioned Facebook group invitations to pamphlets handed out by the college students themselves in the plaza.

Maybe it’s the fact that, for a lot of us, it’s the first presidential election we can vote in, but college students really go the distance with their campaigning.

Normally I would say that getting involved is not a bad thing, but when it annoys me personally on a daily basis, I begin to believe that such behavior is obnoxious and detrimental to my sanity.

Everyone has politicians or pieces of legislation that appeal to our personal beliefs (or hobbies), and we want them to succeed, but please do not pester me, bother me or ask me to share your same beliefs. I will make my own decisions. You bothering me constantly will not make me agree with you, and, in fact, it is probably hurting your cause.

However, I do know that even I am not immune to this voting season disease. I was in a class recently, and overheard some girl explaining to her friend that she was really inspired by Sarah Palin, and that she was clearly the best nominee for vice president.

I know that making assumptions based on politics is never a good idea, but now I know not to waste my time trying to talk to her.

I cannot wait for voting season to be over.

Brian Lancaster is a senior English major. His column appears Wednesdays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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