Oct 202008

To the girl wearing the blue Hollister shirt: I see you coloring in the four empty stars on the sudoku puzzle to make yourself look smarter.

There’s nothing that could make me more apathetic toward politics than some

guy wearing a shirt that says “Vote, f*cker” trying to hand me some voting propaganda.

Finally a conservative article in the Collegian! And a damn good one, too!

I actually did hook up off of Craigslist once … and he actually was good looking, too.

To the person who stole our stuff: I hope you enjoy eating food off of OUR dinner table and getting wasted on OUR beer pong table. I hope karma comes and hits you in the form of a car while you’re riding MY bike!

You want me to read a pamphlet of how to enhance my reading speed? First I would need to read.

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