Oct 202008

If passed, Amendment 48 would redefine a person, stating that life begins at the moment of conception rather than at birth.

Although the amendment would cause Americans to examine what is considered a person in our country, it presents a slew of negative side effects.

The amendment would clog up the courts because in redefining a person, many other laws, like those regarding property rights and criminal justice, would need to be retooled. Also, under such legislation, doctors would be vulnerable to criminal punishment when treating women facing a medical situation that could potentially harm that woman’s unborn fetus.

This could end up putting doctors in an uncomfortable situation, forcing them to decide whether or not to treat certain illnesses in women.

Amendment 48’s passing would determine that no matter whom they decided to treat, either the woman or the fetus would be at risk of harm.

Not only could doctors be penalized in certain situations, but pregnant women could face legal ramifications as well.

Women could be punished in the courts for having a miscarriage under select circumstances or for choosing to be treated for some illnesses, including cancer, tubal pregnancies and infertility.

The amendment could potentially limit access to abortions and ban the Plan B emergency contraceptive. Also other common forms of birth control, such as the monthly shot, could be limited due to the fear that they could expel a fertilized egg from a woman’s body.

So, CSU, even though Amendment 48 could potentially add 9 months to your age — allowing you to hit the bars at 20 years and 3 months old- — the legislation is worded in such a way that it would not only redefine a person, but also redefine the rights of American women and doctors.

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