Oct 142008

If you’ve finished the Sudoku early this week, you may have noticed the changes on our cartoon page. Allow us to explain.

As a student publication, we strive to serve two purposes: 1) to inform the public and 2) to learn and grow as student journalists.

In the past, the Collegian has limited the cartoon page to one or two student cartoonists, with additional nationally syndicated cartoons.

Originally the Collegian was only going to hire one to two student cartoonists. However, due to the huge response from students interested in the position — which we were not expecting — we opted to drop our syndicated cartoons in favor of featuring student work.

The Collegian is a student-run paper, from the stories, to the photos, to the layout and design. Why would we not fill our cartoon page with student work if given the opportunity?

And we’re not the only ones benefiting.

As members of the CSU community, student cartoonists will be able to provide what the syndicated cartoons could not — a local feel.

Remember that guy last week who was counting bikes on Elizabeth? Well so will the student cartoonists, and you’re gonna hear about it. Know how hard it is to find parking? They find it hard too.

They are better suited to provide laughs around the things CSU students encounter day in and day out. Plus this is beneficial to the student cartoonist.

Of course, local cartoons may not be everybody’s thing.

If you don’t like the cartoons and are still looking for a laugh — just read RamTalk. It’s always golden.

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