Oct 122008
Authors: Trevor Simonton

Joined by Denver mayor John Hickenlooper and former mayor Federico Pena, Gov. Bill Ritter rallied in support of Sen. Barack Obama’s energy plans Monday at the New Belgium brewery, a business they called exemplary of renewable-energy driven and environment-friendly small businesses.

New Belgium brewery, which, on the same day was listed among the Wall Street Journal’s Top 15 Small Businesses, and its green practices align with Obama’s campaign ideals, Pena said, based on the idea that businesses can succeed with an easily achievable transformation to renewable energy.

“Obama’s goal is to make 10 percent of the country’s energy source renewable energy, these people are already close to 20 percent,” he said, outlining the fact that New Belgium received a million-dollar grant from the U.S. Energy Department to make their practices possible.

From on-site waste management to Wyoming wind power, the brewery utilizes a wide variety of energy-efficient production methods.

One of the most innovative programs at New Belgium is the methane-fueled electrical generator, which converts methane from waste into 15% of the installation’s peak-load energy needs.

“Imagine if there were $15 billion in that (the energy department),” Pena said, referring to Obama’s plan to increase government spending on renewable energy programs.

“The Bush Administration only spends $3 billion a year on clean energy programs, while spending over a trillion on the Iraq war,” he said.

Pena, who is also Obama’s national campaign co-chair, said that the democratic presidential nominee argues that the spending on the war can be reduced, and the saved money can be re-allocated to energy programs.

New Belgium, known for its bike-beloved Tour de Fat, is the third largest microbrew in the country.

The visitors ended the tour with a tinge of remorse, they said, because the hour of the day kept them from being able to sample any of the brewery’s beers.

“During my campaign, we had the good sense to end they day with the brewery tour rather than begin here,” Ritter said of the Obama campaign’s failure to schedule some time for tasting.

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