Oct 092008

To the George Straight fan, if you want to be a Cowboy, UW is right across the border. Have a nice trip.

You definitely know it’s homecoming week when even the trees around campus are screaming GREEN and GOLD.

Pepe? Terrible? Are you joking? That was the best comic we ever had. Last Ditch Effort should make a last ditch effort for laughs.

The economy is failing, our tuition is going up, and CSU just spent $100,000 on a concert and $20,000 on a rail jam? I am not “stoked.”

Did anyone else get freaked out and thought they got way more intoxicated than they thought on Wednesday night when they saw snow on the plaza?

People find it weird when students wear other colleges shirt. But I find it weird when I’m on the Collegian’s Web site and there is an advertisement for CU. Really?

To the girl outside the library who told her friend “I am so pissed my test got cancelled.” What kind of college student are you” That’s awesome! Be happy!

Did anyone see in the new “South Park” on Wednesday that the Park County DA had a degree from Colorado State on his wall? Yea, we made “South Park” this year!

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