Oct 092008
Authors: Tyler Okland

At noon Friday, the Ramskeller, located in the lower level of the Lory Student Center, will celebrate its 40th year in operation by featuring its brew, Aggie Ale, special to the bar, until 9 p.m.

Brewed by O’Dell Brewing Company, Aggie Ale contains five times the average amount of hops of normal beers, according to the Ramskeller manager Geoff Valdez.

“The Aggie Ale has been a huge success with our students,” Valdez said.

“We constantly have to re-invent ourselves. We’re just trying to provide a unique venue on campus for the students.”

Valdez expects the bar to be at full capacity Friday night due to the popularity of the Aggie Ale, which will be on tap.

CSU student Ivan Dzintars said, “I’m really excited for Friday. I’ve had the Aggie Ale a couple times, and it’s my favorite pale ale.”

For those who will not be drinking the ale, the Ramskeller will feature two pool tables, TV and food options in the dining area.

“There’s always something going on at the Ramskeller. I can’t drink, but I’m still going on Friday to hang out with my friends,” freshman Jesse Jankowski said.

Next week the bar will host several events, including an exhibit displaying photographs that cover the past 40 years of its history.

“Not a lot of bars around Fort Collins can say they’ve been open for 40 years. We’ve got something special here,” Valdez said.

CSU Catering will work with the Ramskeller to handle the overflow of students, faculty and alumni for the event.

Valdez said the alumni are the No. 1 indicator of the success of the Ramskeller.

“When you see people here that were students 10, 15 years ago, it becomes obvious that the ‘Skeller is something unique,” he said.

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