Oct 092008
Authors: Scott Callahan

Ready to show school pride and represent their Greek family, CSU students from 18 different Greek organizations competed Thursday in CSU’s Biggest Fan competition in the Lory Student Center basement.

Competitors from 10 fraternities and eight sororities came dressed up for the second annual contest that featured a collection of five individual events.

Six volunteers competed, each one representing different Greek organizations.

“We are trying to expand Homecoming, not only for Greeks but for other students . We want to unite Greeks with student life,” said Caitlin Selby, a director of Homecoming for Greek Life.

The prizes for winning included a ride in a Ford Model-T in the Homecoming parade Friday, a special seat at this weekend’s football game against Texas Christian University and the winner having their name announced as he or she walked onto the field during the game.

The winner will also get to have lunch with the CSU coach of their choice and get a personal tour of the football locker room.

“We are really excited about the prizes the students will receive and to see the fun and creative things they will come up with for this competition,” said Pamela Sampson, the director of Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement.

The competition started with the Best Costume event. Requirements for winning included a costume boasting green and gold and the title of “Most Creative.”

The winner was Mark Johlgren, a sophomore Business major, representing fraternities Alpha Tao Omega and Delta Chi and sorority Zeta Tao Alpha. Johlgren donned a grey helmet and yellow Mohawk, green and gold face paint, a green jersey, green pants, yellow socks, green and gold Nike shoes.

Next was the cheer portion. Each cheer needed to be 15-30 seconds long and had to say something about CSU and its green efforts.

Johlgren won this event as well, with his cheer that re-used the traditional “Recycle, Reduce, Reuse” slogan.

Following was a game of musical chairs, played classical style. Junior Jessica Johnson beat two people out of the event but then lost in the final round to sophomore Mike Faccuhinello.

Johnson came out a winner, though, going on to take the trivia challenge, eager to answer every question.

The last competition, the Greek Alphabet challenge, seemed catered specifically to Greek knowledge, but several of the contestants struggled to get through their letters, and some could not remember them all.

The scoring was based on accuracy and speed. Michael Vedder, who was a last-minute substitute for Jorden Pecher, flew through the entire alphabet correctly in less than six seconds, though he was followed close by Faccuhinello, who finished in eight seconds.

When the excitement settled and the judges made their decision, Jessica Johnson came out on top.

As she went up to accept her prizes, though, she made the announcement that she would not be able to attend the football game on Saturday — where she was to claim her prizes — so she designated those that would take her place at Saturday ‘s football game to the runner-up Johlgren.

“School pride has always been pretty big, and it’s good to see it go one step farther.” Johlgren said.

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