Oct 082008

They say it’s his birthday, and we’re going to have a good time.

The man gave us rock ‘n roll during his time with The Beatles. He gave us great dreams and pleasing sounds with songs such as “Imagine” and “Give Peace a Chance” during his solo career. He also had us suffer through the interesting vocals of his true love, Yoko Ono.

Born exactly 68 years ago on this date, John Winston Lennon was an artist, author and peace activist who is, in this day and age, a symbol. A symbol, along with Paul, Ringo and George, of the revolution that they ignited in the world’s thinking about music and, really, about sound.

Before Lennon and his cohorts came on the scene, the world had never heard sounds like those in “Revolution 9.” These four formed the soundtrack to a generation that challenged what was and looked to what could be. It’s true that a lot of those experiments didn’t turn out so hot, but hey, John and his buddies got the world to think.

On this Oct. 9, the Collegian editorial board would like to say thank you, John Lennon.

Thank you for bringing us rock ‘n roll. Thank you for bringing sexy in the first place (eat your heart out, Justin Timberlake). And most of all, thank you for gracing us for 40 years with your unique look at the world – and for encouraging us to love one another. Especially in these times of war that our country is currently embroiled in, it is important to heed the man’s advice; all he is saying is “give peace a chance.”

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