LTTE: Rail Jam concerns

Oct 082008

As both a skier/snowboarder and as a CSU fee-paying student, I would like to share my concerns about the “Rail Jam.”

To begin, anyone who has experienced skiing and riding at any of Colorado’s mountains should feel slighted at the sight of the pathetic pile of “mashed potatoes” snow that barely covered the ramp.

Secondly, any environmentally-minded individual should be turned off by the enormous ecological footprint of a project of these proportions. It is highly unnatural to have snow on the LSC Plaza during a sunny, 75-degree day. With concerns of energy overconsumption being central in many of CSU’s academic departments, it is paradoxical that the Associated Students of CSU would endorse this economic and ecological expenditure.

I’m not suggesting that ASCSU is entirely to blame. Obviously, there was some level of support from students. I would just caution that we, either as environmentally-minded students or consumers of CSU marketing campaigns, should all be able to recognize that the Rail Jam does not represent the values of environmentalism.

It’s a lot of work hauling in ramps, rails, ice blocks, and snowmakers. It is easy being green – wait for real powder and save student dollars.

Theresa Callaway

Graduate Student

Political Science

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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