Oct 062008

It should perhaps be explained to Association for Student Activity Programming that when the words “All Ages Welcome” are printed on an event ticket, it’s implied that the event will indeed be suitable for all ages.

G-rated was certainly not the ideal adjective to describe Sunday night’s ASAP and Associated Students of CSU-sponsored concert featuring Three 6 Mafia and Lupe Fiasco, but G-rated was what many may have expected to see based on those words — “All Ages Welcome” — written on the event’s tickets.

Throughout the night, Three 6’s members, Juicy J, DJ Paul and Lord Infamous, were the picture of profane, guzzling what’s rumored to be anything-but-water from a gasoline can, begging women in the audience to “bring those double-D’s, D’s and C cups” onto the stage and repeatedly asking who among the students present could do them the favor of tossing them a blunt.

Marijuana and alcohol-consumption, derogatory terms such as “bitch” and “ho,” and the compelling debate between what’s better — head or sex? — became themes of Three 6’s performance.

And while Lupe Fiasco’s performance was a notable shift away from the overtly sexual vulgarity both in taste and in style, even he asked students repeatedly to “wake the f**k up” in reference to the world as it stands today, saying that we’re all the same despite varieties in race and in background.

As college students, we’re adults and are fully capable of deciding what’s appropriate and what’s not — this is obvious. But when ASAP is pulling a certain number of tickets to sell to the public, a disclaimer for that kind of content is most assuredly a must.

Event goers have a right to know in advance what kind of atmosphere they’re walking into, and unless all ages really are welcome, it shouldn’t be implied that they are.

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