Fiasco in Moby [SLIDESHOW]

Oct 052008
Authors: Erik Myers

Having cut through a shortened but just as dirty version of “I’d Rather”, DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia addressed the crowd: “So, what would you rather have?”


The crowd roared.


The whole of Moby Arena boomed.

“How ’bout both?”

This, undeniably, is the crowd’s pick; the raunchy, dumbed-down foreplay and the elegant, amorous lovemaking. They might be different, but there’s no doubting the fun in either bedroom sport. It’s a perfect analogy for Sunday’s homecoming concert taking place at Moby Arena, where Three 6 Mafia opened for Lupe Fiasco, two artists who come from different ends of the hip-hop spectrum.

Three 6 Mafia were quick to the point with their show; rude and crude in every effort. Dodging flying glow sticks, Juicy J took the time to ask the audience to toss him up a joint instead. Chugging out of a bright red gas canister on stage, Juicy J burped into the microphone. Their songs were simple in craft and focused on topics of riding “big tittied” women and getting crunked. As dumb and demeaning as it came across, there was no denying the fun hooks that Three 6 Mafia excels at.

But when Lupe took the stage, the attitude of the arena shifted entirely. With a full backing band of guitar, bass, drums and keyboardist, Lupe came tearing on stage with all of the class you’d expect from the boy you’d bring home to Mom and Dad. Yet there was the moment of utter awkwardness.

Mere moments after finishing an extended edition of “Superstar”, Lupe turned to the crowd: “Thank you so much you, you, the beautiful ladies and gentleman of University of Colorado.”

The crowd wasn’t quite sure what had happened, but as soon as it understood, the boos poured on as Lupe stood on stage, gripping his microphone trying to make sense of it all.

A song or two later, he stopped, picked out a single figure in the front floor crowd to tell him where he was performing at. Lupe then pardoned himself from the stage for a moment as his backing band kicked into a quirky jam. Less than a minute later, decked out in a green and gold jersey and cap, he returned to drop the night’s closer.

In the end, the question lingered: Was it worth the $110,000 in student fees? There’s no doubt there were more than a few music lovers left out in the cold with this selection, the high energy, quality performances and general fun of the show left this reviewer feeling satisfied enough.

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