Oct 022008

You know it’s Rush when you have memorized the songs of all the sororities near your house … and you have never set foot in one.

To the suitemates who pee on the toilet seat: It’s not the wake up call I need at seven o’clock in the morning.

For the freshman class, your first year of college is so easy — you have plenty of time to learn the importance of casual sex seven nights a week!

Has anyone else been counting how many times someone has asked you to register to vote? I’m up to 34.

Wanted: someone to do my homework, laundry, cook and, if there is time, cuddle …

Is anybody else tired of all this nice weather and ready for a good old blizzard?

You know you live on frat row when the local wireless networks include “Howes Street Sperm Bank,” “Fingerbang,” “Chubby Hamster” and “The Girls Next Door.”

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