Oct 022008
Authors: Caleb S. Harrison

The vulgarity of the abortion demonstration at CSU this week was alarming.

Those responsible for the obscenity of such an event should reevaluate their behavior.

That was the most offensive demonstration I have ever witnessed anywhere.

I don’t know how many young women at CSU have had to go through the difficulty of choosing to have an abortion, but I think I can assume with some accuracy that there are a few — and for their sake, that was inappropriate.

This demonstration wasn’t done out of care and concern for the lives of the unborn; it was done out of spite and hate for those who have a disagreement with the protesters.

I am against the War in Iraq, but I would never in demonstration against the war display pictures of dead soldiers to make my case.

However, as much as I disagree with the demonstration, I believe it should have been allowed.

Even as I detest the tactics of the demonstration and its harmful effects on certain young women sensitive to the matter, I still believe in freedom of expression and in our freedom to responsibly make a choice — the latter of which those who came to our campus to demonstrate their opinion do not understand.

Caleb S. Harrison

Junior English Major

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