Sep 292008

I think Glover 130 needs to be renamed to Swamp Ass Central …130.

In response to the “Are you thinking green?” poster in the entry of the LSC … were you thinking green when you put it up with 12 florescent lights behind it?

So usually I’ll get really frustrated with my classes and joke to my fellow science nerds that I’m going to switch my major to Speech Comm. So I wonder, what do Speech Comm majors do when they get frustrated with their classes?

Future CSU student tour dialogue: “Here we have the Oval, here, LSC, oh! and here, 20′ tall posters of dead fetuses! SEE YOU THIS FALL!!!”

To the girl that was standing in the MIDDLE of Jim’s Wings parking lot yesterday, how do you not hear my huge diesel truck? Next time you yell at me to watch where I’m going, realize who the idiot was here

To the guy who wrote “feminists suck” on the sidewalk: Don’t build yourself up, arrogant men suck just as much.

We get it, the plasma TVs at Bagel Place are unnecessary. And they can make more than one pizza bagel at a time, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying to make!

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