Yays and Nays

Sep 282008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to the “A.” It’s big, it’s white and it’s back to confuse yet another freshmen class that isn’t aware that once upon a time we were a bunch of farmers.

Nay | to the mauling our football team received this weekend from Cal. We love you Rammies, but you got stomped.

Yay | to Oktoberfest. Beer, German music and Lederhosen – can it get any better?

Nay | to volleyball’s close call with the Cowgirls. You can do better, ladies. We still love you though for pulling off the win.

Yay | to Sen. John McCain for showing up to the debate Friday. Amazingly, the economy still managed to limp on without you. Weird.

Nay | to death for claiming Paul Newman. We will never forget you, your movies or your wonderful salad dressing.

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