Sep 282008
Authors: Jessica Cline

Women at the annual Rho Gamma send-off Friday were “sent off” with songs, cheers and ice cream to officially kick off sorority recruitment week, which lasts through Tuesday.

In the Lory Student Center, Rho Gamma sorority members provided guidance and answered last-minute questions for the guests who are to rush for a sorority and are new to Greek Life.

“The event is a chance to provide women with someone who can give them unbiased and honest answers about any of the different chapters,” Rho Gamma coordinator Amanda Dozsak said.

The Rho Gammas are initiated members from different sorority chapters who have experienced recruitments before. Knowledgeable about Greek Life and all the different chapters, Rho Gammas work to support new recruits by encouraging them and being a resource for them.

“We do all the grunt work basically. We coordinate the rounds, help the girls get from house to house, make sure they are timely and make sure they have someone to go to who can answer all their questions and support them throughout the process,” said Melanie Pfeifer, a Rho Gamma.

All Rho Gammas agree to disaffiliate themselves from their sorority chapters for the rush week, the recruitment period.

At the send-off, Rho Gammas recited the creed for the Panhellenic Council, the governing board for CSU’s sororities. For each chapter represented, Rho Gammas also sang their chapter’s song, beginning one group at a time.

“It is a great way to bring all of the sororities together before things start to get really hectic on Saturday,” said Rachel Bell, vice president of public relations for the Panhellenic Council.

The recruitment period will continue through Tuesday. Women will spend this week traveling from house to house, visiting all the different chapters and participating in different events the chapters put on.

The women will start narrowing down the chapters as the days progress. Recruitment builds up to Bid Night on Wednesday, when women will find out which sororities they

were accepted into and will attend a dinner and a social at their new sororities.

“Our Rho Gamma team this year is excited, and their attitude rubbed off on

everyone,” Bell said of the send-off.

Dozsak said all of the chapters are very excited and positive about this year since the send-off had one of the best turnouts from the past few years.

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